Geo-Dynamic Pile Test (PDA)

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Metalcare’s Geotechnical Division is specialized in providing high strain dynamic load testing, analysis and consulting services in addition to pile monitoring for the piling industry.

Dynamic pile testing technology had been introduced to the industry for more than 30 years.  Time and cost saving method of pile testing has eventually gotten popular and is widely recognized nowadays. The American Society of Testing and Materials has developed a standard (ASTM:D4945) for the performance of dynamic load test. It is a very cost-efficient tool used to replace the time consuming conventional static load test in determination of pile capacity.

PDA is a very powerful tool in monitoring the response of a pile subjected to hammer impact applied at the pile head. The response is measured in terms of force and acceleration close to the pile head. Other than determination of pile capacity, the behaviour during the pile installation works, such as the pile integrity, driving stresses and the energy transmitted to the pile are determined. Once the pile wave analysis is completed, the full report will present the predicted static load-settlement behaviour and the pile capacity distribution among the pile shaft and pile toe. All these information are very useful in assessment of the pile capabilities by the engineers.