Vendor Inspection / Expediting

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Unlike many other industrial sectors, large construction projects in oil & gas, refinery petrochemical and power industry involve the purchase of a vast number of critical items supplied by many different manufacturers around the world. Quality, Safety and Schedule are keys to the successful execution of these projects.

So it is of vital importance to check through inspection at vendor facility for the quality compliance of every single item, no matter how small. These items range from raw materials to finished products.

These items include pipes and tubes; equipment ranging from valves, process skids, pumps, turbines, tanks, motors, control panels; components to boilers, motors, engines for anything from lifting equipment to reactor vessels, electrical and electronic devices.

Any purchase carries a risk. If a part is faulty, but the fault is not detected at the source, the risk of something going wrong becomes not only embedded within the new asset, but also has significant impact on the schedule of a massive projects. Items such as tanks, control valves, and process skids involve various processes such as welding, painting and  Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). Each of the steps in these projects carries a significant consequence on the compliance of the final product.

Why Vendor Inspection / Supplier Quality Surveillance?
If we choose to inspect materials and equipment parts on arrival, there are many significant risks: late assessment (if equipment is defective, there will be delays for new supply); lack of costly testing/measuring setup that normally available only at the vendor’s workshop; the inability to perform thorough inspection of onsite conditions without dismantling it; and the inability to check items that have become hidden when the piece of equipment is assembled.

Why Vendor Expediting?
On any procurement, delays in delivery of materials and equipment to the project designation would not only affect the cost of the equipment, but also have significant impact on the overall project schedule.

In many cases, further activities on the project cannot be performed without the installation of this specific equipment in question. Vendors tend to have their own priorities and issues from their shop workload to accommodate the schedules of their customers.

In other words, vendors tend to give priority to clients where expeditors are visiting their shop and verifying the actual progress. Therefore, to ensure the delivery schedule of the materials and equipment is being met, periodic visits to the vendor facility to witness and verify that progress is being made to adhere to the delivery schedule is becoming a part of the vendor management program.

If any delay is witnessed during these visits, our expeditor will work with the vendor to identify the root causes and potential problems or challenges in order to adhere to the delivery schedule.

If required, our expeditor can initiate remedial action to get production back on track to meet the schedule, while providing on-the-ground status to the client.

Why Metalcare SQS?
Our qualified local teams are familiar with inspecting different kinds of supplies such as materials, components, pressure equipment and machinery, and electrical equipments. Metalcare’s SQS division has an extensive network of inspectors/expeditors on several countries.