Plant Integrity

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Corrosion and Inspection Management Services

Today as never before, offshore FPSO, onshore refining and petrochemical operations are being challenged to improve their competitiveness whilst also improving their safety and environmental performance.

With tight margins, ageing assets and plant accidents in the recent years has brought awareness for a need to improve plant safety practices not only for stakeholders but also to the general public. However, businesses face a range of risks that are far broader than accidents and incidents that may cause physical harm.

Risk encompasses anything that will adversely affect the performance of the business. People who work in the refining and petrochemical industries are well aware of the potential risks to health, safety and the environment. Under these circumstances, condition monitoring of the critical operating assets such as pressure vessels, process piping systems, pipelines, tanks, or highly corrosive critical structures by an independent third party at frequent times is crucial.

Metalare provides fresh hand look at the condition of these assets and offers solutions with the following service support with competent personnel accompanied by the most suitable NDT or advanced NDT service for further assessment:

  • Fitness-for-Service Assessments (API 579)
  • Failure investigation, analysis and prevention
  • Identification of plant risk, technical risk and reliability management
  • On/off Stream Inspection (API 510, 570 & 653)
  • Validation of Inspection data
  • Review of Inspection methodology
  • Optimization of maintenance and inspection concepts
  • Review of corrosion manuals and protocols
  • Preparation of Corrosion Management Plans
  • Review of Corrosion Monitoring equipment and locations
  • Implementation of Corrosion coupons/probes exposure programme
  • Review of Chemical Injection, Chemical injection availability report priorities and technical procedures
  • Implementation of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) procedures
  • Corrosion Surveys and Audits