Working long hours, with an inconsistent schedule away from home can be stressful. Consequently, eating habits and exercise routines often suffer. With field season quickly approaching.
Here are some strategies to remain healthy and active

Tip #1: Pack a cooler with you while in the field and bring ice packs to help keep food and drinks cold.

Tip #2: Choose foods that easy to prepare, such as oatmeal, fruit/vegetables, peanut butter, bread etc.

Tip #3: Try to balance meals with a healthy mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fruits/vegetables.

Tip #4: Choose the grocery store over fast food.

Tip #5: Prepare homemade one dish meals prior to field work. Hotel rooms typically have fridges to store these meals and they can potentially last a few days from the time you leave home.

Tip #6: Exercise. Choose a hotel that has an attached gym so you don’t have to travel far. Start running. All this requires is a pair of shoes and you can do it anywhere.
Find the local recreation/leisure center. Most towns will have some options.