There’s nothing that feels quite as fulfilling as getting a new job, but there are some employment opportunities that could cost you more than just your time and effort. There are lots of different workplaces that put employees at risk of accidents and injuries, and as a worker, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe as much as it is your employer’s. Want to find out if you’re working a perilous job? Check out this list of factors that just might make work dangerous.

  • Less than 6 months of employment
  • Male
  • 25 years of age or less
  • Accustomed to going out and socializing before an early morning shift
  • Routinely goes to work with insufficient rest
  • Constantly pressured to work more or faster
  • Operating under the notion that accidents will not occur at work
  • Without safety or health training
  • Refuses to ask questions even when necessary
  • Uses a single tool or machine at work throughout the shift
  • Makes use of or handles heavy equipment or cargo
  • Works around or with chemicals, substances, or other gasses
  • Uses a ladder occasionally at work
  • Lone employee working on a task without a companion
  • Works alongside numerous other employees such as in an assembly line
  • Workplace is noisy, too hot, or too cold
  • Operates or drives heavy machinery, equipment, or vehicles
  • Works around or with electrical tools and equipment, or hot appliances

Do any of the previous apply to you? Even just one of these factors could put you in a hospital without warning, so make sure you prepare and protect yourself from the worst for a safe and healthy work experience.

Detecting Hazards

Next to inexperience, the reason why some of us fall into accidents and injuries is because we become so used to our jobs that we fail to see hazards as hazards. A person who operates heavy machinery day in and day out might become too lax later on and forget to flick a switch, or deliberately overlook steps to operating his/her machine because he/she feels confident in his/her abilities. Whatever the reason might be, it’s important that we ask ourselves “what if?” whenever tasked to do something at work. This way, we can see hazards before they happen and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that it’s avoided in a safe and timely manner.

Safety training is all about identifying hazards in the workplace and minimizing the risk of accident or injury as much as possible for ourselves and our fellow employees. Metalcare offers Fort McMurray safety training courses including the OSSA Elevated Work Platform course and OSSA Fall Protection to help keep you safe on the job.