The Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) Fall Protection is a course that will help you understand what Fall Protection is and how to use it. There are various fall protection options available to you, but this course will help you identify which option will best meet your specific needs. You will come out of the course with the tools and knowledge necessary to work at heights. Read on to learn more about what you will gain from taking the OSSA Fall Protection Course through Metalcare’s Safety Training Division.

Introduction to Fall Protection

The course will start by demonstrating different fall hazard and the effects they have on an individual. These include falls from ladders, stairs, and different height levels. You will learn about the legislative requirements put forth by the Alberta OH&S Act, which includes the responsibilities of both workers and employers. You will then be shown the most recent statistical information pertaining to workplace fall injuries and fatalities.

Creating a Fall Protection Plan

You will be shown how to develop and apply a basic fall protection plan. Making a fall protection plan includes identifying hazards, reviewing all measures of hazard control and escape planning components. These components include identifying an emergency contact, learning about different methods of communication during a fall scenario and post-fall protocols. The instructors will also emphasize the important of inspecting all of your equipment and system components using a pre-use visual inspection. You will be taught how to report deficiencies and removal from service procedures.

Personal Fall Arrest System

This course will review the applications and the critical components of the personal fall arrest system that you will be using. You will learn about the typical hazards associated with the system and how to identify and control these hazards as safely as possible. You will be given the chance to conduct a practical exercise using the fall arrest system as well. This includes details on how to properly use and inspect the system.

In total, this course takes 8 hours to complete, and it’s all done over the course of one day. There can be a maximum of 16 people taking the course at one time, so the course won’t be too crowded and you’ll be able to have any and all of your questions answered. The certification will last you three years.

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