Are you looking to start working in the oil industry in Alberta? Are you interested in welding or operating equipment? In order to land these types of jobs, you need to have appropriate safety training and certification. Metalcare offers affordable, quality safety training that fits your schedule. Our primary objective is to provide you with full confidence that your safety training needs are being taken care of by the best professionals in the business. We constantly deliver service excellence with dedication, expertise, and integrity to industry employees in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Metalcare has been serving the petroleum and petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, power generation and pipeline industries over the last decade.

Competitive, affordable prices

Metalcare has the best prices in the industry and is the most affordable option when it comes to certified safety training for the oil and gas industry. With the price of oil as low as it currently is, finding affordable training and certification makes a big difference. The best prices with the best instructors and the most flexible course delivery is a rare combination.


Metalcare offers a whole host of training and certification courses online, on-site, and in a classroom setting. Our safety training courses include Standard First Aid Training, OSSA Fall Protection, Fit Testing, H2S Alive Course, RPE Course, and OSSA EWP Course, among others. You are able to book courses online so that they fit your schedule. We even have some courses that are mobile-friendly, so you can take the course on the go. Metalcare is very flexible and is dedicated to making courses fit your schedule.

Professional Instructors

Metalcare’s professional instructors and course creators are dedicated to making your learning experience as insightful and engaging as possible. Metalcare only hires the most qualified and experienced instructors to teach courses, so you can be sure you are learning from the best in the business.

Site Access

Metalcare’s instructors are fully badged and certified. They have site access for onsite training needs. Other training companies don’t have this. This will save you time for training which means you can get started right away, so you don’t have to wait weeks for badges or certifications to get processed for you to get site access. This means you call Metalcare and get started the next day!

All these reasons make it very clear that Metalcare is your best choice for professional, affordable safety training and safety certification in Fort McMurray. Get in touch with Metalcare today to learn more or to book a course via 780-715-1889 or